Discussing some acrylic painting techniques for Beginners

Painting is the technique of smearing paint, pigment, color or other materials to a solid medium. It helps humans to distinguish and observe the universe in a more remarkable and unique way. The history of painting dates back to the pre-historic humans.
During their ages, they made images using artifacts and applied color with the help of leaf and flower extracts. Even there is a theory that says, that Emperor Napoleon threw an art exhibition to display his work. Painting started to gain the attraction of everyone after the emergence of world-famous artists. When you think about paintings, the legend that comes to your mind is obviously Pablo Picasso. He was one of the most famous painters of all times.
Later many forms of painting became famous and many artists started producing wonderful arts. Among the different forms of painting, acrylic painting on canvas is one of the most versatile mediums, and one of the least toxic.
Perhaps, one of the best form of painting to learn as a beginner. Acrylic paints are generally water based, so their consistency can be adjusted with just water. Therefore, even a kid can learn to do acrylic painting. Moreover, it is washable, can be cleaned easily with water and soap.
Let us see some of the acrylic painting techniques
Different Acrylic Painting Techniques

Generally, this form of painting is characterized by bright colors, sharp strokes, and quality lines so they are used as a medium for colorful and graphic paintings. Some of the techniques with acrylics are
• Brush Strokes – There is no visible pencil mark with this painting. You can draw any picture or image with the brush coated with paint. When you are a beginner, you can start drawing simple pictures like a flower, shapes. Once you cultivate your skills, you can excel with bigger portraits.
• Washing- This is one of the easiest ways to create a watercolor effect on your painting background. You can build color and depth using layers of acrylic wash technique.
• Stippling- This technique adopts using a stiff bristle brush or a sponge to make the painting. Using this technique, you can make beautiful gradations of colors with variations. The technique was developed by Giulio Campagnola and they are more effective in other mediums like oil pastels.
• Splattering- Abstract masterpieces are created using this technique. You can either dip from above or flick your brush to get the splattering effect. The technique was made famous by Jackson Pollock
• Glazing Technique- This technique is used to produce great effects with photorealist painting, it can improve the light and life of your paintings. Glazing technique are used to thin the fluid paint, make layers of paint that can highlight the work.
As everyone knows that painting is the most marketable form of art, many artists make their living with their work. Especially the acrylic work is the innovation of the latest century and has become immediately popular because of its potential and versatility beyond other paints.

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